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About Women's Resource Agency

Our Store Front Women's Resource Agency is the oldest, continuously operating women's human service organization in the Pikes Peak region. Since forming in 1972, we have helped thousands of women re-enter the workforce and grow personally and professionally.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Women's Resource Agency coaches women on how they can become financially independent and achieve employment success, and educates at-risk adolescent girls to make healthy life choices, attain educational goals, and enter adulthood as successful members of our community. WRA meets clients where they are in their lives and teaches them how to improve their situation in a non-threatening and nonjudgmental environment.

We assist about 1000 participants each year through individual coaching, career-building workshops, personal development classes, computer training, image consulting and a professional clothing boutique for women.

Over the past decade, the Women's Resource Agency has expanded to provide in-school prevention and leadership courses for at-risk teenage girls, and programs for female juvenile offenders.

Single moms and even women in two-parent households need to be working in steady, meaningful jobs in order to provide safe, stable, and thriving families. This has created higher demand for our programs. Our empowerment services to assist women find a career that meets their personal financial needs are necessary in any economic environment, but especially now.

Women's Resource Agency relies on community support and involvement to fulfill our mission of helping women of all ages attain and maintain self-sufficiency. We appreciate your support in fulfilling this important goal. We are proud to be a partner with Pikes Peak United Way to work together to build a better community!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women and girls to attain and maintain personal self-sufficiency and economic independence.

IRS tax filing information: 2014_990_Tax_Return.pdf, 2014_Independent_Financial_Review.pdf

Any questions? Please call us at 719-471-3170 or email reception@wrainc.org

Melissa Marts - Executive Director

Melissa MartsMelissa has an established history of community engagement. From her early roots as a special education teacher who rallied for the first unified soccer team with her students to her work on local and healthy food access to her job coaching with Women’s Resource Agency women, Melissa appreciates having been a part of such great changes that improve the quality of life for women and girls in Colorado Springs. Melissa has a Masters in Special Education and spent the last ten years cultivating her leadership in the non-profit sector.

“It is the best reward ever to witness the transition of a friend from defeat to success. The Women's Resource Agency plays a critical role in these life experiences daily.”

Email: director@wrainc.org

Kyleah Daily - Programs Director

Kyleah graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Nursing. She has been an advocate with TESSA and CASA and her passion is supporting and encouraging women and teens to be self-sufficient.

Email: programdirector@wrainc.org

Emily Kindley – Program Administrator

Emily has a BA in Business with emphasis in Accounting. She has worked 9 years in retail and is excited to take on volunteer management & administration of Women's Resource Agency.

Email: operations@wrainc.org

  1. Joan Lucas, Board President
  2. Sarah Ryals, Vice President
  3. Natalee Rosanne, Treasurer
  4. Else Drescher, Secretary
  1. Lisa Bigelow
  2. Ryan Garner
  3. Stefanie Legan
  4. Jane Peck
  1. James Proby
  2. Christine Randono
  3. Suzanne Tulien
  4. Kim Worth

Board members passionate about the work of the Women's Resource Agency guide the organization to reach its fullest potential. We currently have a board of directors consisting of 11-13 active members. Each represents different segments of our community and brings gifts of time, talent and resources. The four officers of the Board are president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. Each board member serves on one or more standing committees : Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Programs Committee, Governance Committee and Resource Development Commitee.

Lisa Bigelow

"I believe in WRA's mission to coach women to become financially independent and help at-risk girls to become successful members of our community."

Lisa Bigelow is retired from a 30-year career in local government. She retired as the Budget Manager for the City of Colorado Springs. She received her bachelor's degree from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and her Master's degree in Public Administration from UCCS.

As a newly appointed board member, Lisa is amazed at the passion of the Board members, staff and volunteers and is excited to be a part of an organization that helps women and at-risk girls in our community.

Donna PinaIn December 2009, my husband and I decided to move back to Colorado. My husband was laid off work and my current job wasn't going to keep us afloat much longer. Relocating is never an easy task, but leaving a job in this economy and moving has been a real leap of faith. Although my employment history has given me the job skills necessary for administrative positions, I have only had the funds to dress for the job I had, not the job I wanted and now I am on the competing side of the unemployed. A very unsettling thought!

I walked into the Women's Resource Agency to take a closer look at the business attire on the racks, at the time; I thought they were for sale. A staff member explained what the Women's Resource Agency is and how it helps women with career development and professional attire. She gave me a brochure and said if I needed their assistance to please feel free to call.

After receiving a call to interview for a very professional firm, I called the Women's Resource Agency and asked for assistance with an interview outfit. Not only did they set me up with a beautiful interview outfit, but the ladies were kind and sensitive to my needs and comfort level.

My experience was so pleasant that I asked for further assistance. In this technology age, you have one chance to sell yourself with a resume that catches the employer's attention – online at that. The Resource Agency critiqued my resume and went through mock interviews with me. This has given me the look, and the skills to walk in to my interviews with confidence in myself.

Thanks ladies for all your support.

Donna Piña

Venessia RavenellVenessia Ravenell, a recently widowed, single mother of three, didn't know what she was going to do after she lost her job as a medical assistant in April 2009, and her unemployment ran out.

"The unemployment came and went, and I wasn't hearing about any jobs," she says. The seemingly bleak situation got brighter after Venessia came across the Women's Resource Agency.

"I called and set up an appointment to get resume counseling, and everybody was so nice and friendly," she says. Venessia also used the computers at the Women's Resource Agency inside The Citadel mall to search for job openings and fax applications. She snagged a few interviews and got two professional outfits through Dress for Success, the organization's free clothing boutique for clients.

"I got two outfits for interviews, a dress suit and a pants suit. Someone helped me picked out the right styles, and the clothes really helped me feel more confident," she says. Venessia landed a new job as a medical assistant for the New Year. "I don't think I would have found anything without their help," she says. "I'm so grateful."

She's continuing to take computer classes at the Women's Resource Agency to improve her skills. Venessia also received a donated computer for her home through the Women's Resource Agency. "I didn't know anything about computers before, but now I have a few certificates and am working on a few more to help me enter data in my job," she says.