WRA Classes

WRA Classes

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Age is Just a Number

Age does not need to be a barrier to employment. Discussion and tips for addressing age-related difficulties in the workplace.

Clerical Skills

This course will provide you with the basic knowledge and understanding you will need to work in a professional office setting. We will cover employee ethics, communication skills, basic organization, and office procedures.


Fibromyalgiaand how to live with it is also presented.

PPLD Job Search

Librarian from PPLD presents this class. Review of all the data bases and resources at the library (they have tons!) for job searching and job skills development.

Women’s Empowerment Group

A weekly class meant to empower women and provide support in the job search process as they explore aspects of compassion and self-care together as a group.

Basic Computer Classes

Basic Computer, Basic Word, Excel 1, Excel 2

Conflict Resolution

Learn effective conflict resolution skills for your personal and professional life, including best tips, a conversation model, and effective body language.

How to Ace the Interview

Information about different types of interviews, with discussion and interview practice.

Assertiveness Training

Taught by facilitators from the Independence Center. Learn to speak up for yourself, develop personal goals, and discuss making positive decisions. Learn different ways of communicating your needs and identify the supports necessary to meet those needs.

Career Dynamics

Our core class which discusses the basics of writing a resume, how to interview, and job search tools.

Financial Day

Budgeting and planning for emergencies, tackling debt, financial planning for the future.

Linked – In

How do I set up Linked-In, and what do I do with it??

Assertive Communication

This class answers questions such as; how do I ask for/or refuse support? Address conflict with other people in your life? Feel confident in expressing yourself and knowing what you need? Taught by facilitators from the Independence Center.