Overcoming Homelessness

WRA is committed to helping women in the Pikes Peak region and providing opportunities for health, wellness, working together and shelter.

Recently, a local woman experiencing homelessness came to Women's Resource Agency and attended our Suit Up For Success program:

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Declaration of Intention and Resolutions for Women Experiencing Homelessness

Created June 30, 2016

It is our intention to create environments that empower women who are experiencing homelessness through opportunities for health, wellness, work, working together and shelter.

Each June we will gather to celebrate the growth and changes for women experiencing homelessness.

  • Health

    Showers, Medicaid enrollment expansion, Fresh fruit and vegetables, Toilets, Access to medications and follow up

  • Wellness

    Storage lockers, Liaison with homeless/police/community, Motivational presentations from women who have been there, Laundry

  • Work

    Incentives for employers to hire women experiencing homelessness, Childcare services (M-W 10-3) for moms looking for work, Childcare job training and center business creation, Speed up ID process, Jobs in addition to call centers, housecleaning, restaurants

  • Working Together

    Women’s support meetings, Women’s day centers, Craft guilds for nurture and entrepreneurship, Communicate programs available for women, Training and opportunities for community and church groups to support

  • Shelter

    Housing search navigators and matching service, Women’s shelters, Affordable housing NOW for people with disabilities, lower incomes, poor credit, Tent camping spaces, Storage sheds and pods, Fenced area for car camping, Good Renter certification course

We know that women are survivors, determined, undaunted and fearless.